Annual Report 2023


Annual Report 2023

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The following PDF files are available

Covestro Annual Report 2023


331 pages


29.4 MB

Transform to Perform – Magazine


6 pages


1.4 MB

Overview/Key Data


7 pages


1.9 MB

Capital market


14 pages


5.2 MB

Combined Management Report


177 pages


14.0 MB

Fundamental information about the Group


26 pages


3.2 MB

Report on Economic Position


23 pages


814 kB

Report on Future Perspectives and on Opportunities and Risks


14 pages


894 kB

Corporate Governance


18 pages


351 kB

Sustainability Statement


94 pages


8.5 MB

Compensation Report


24 pages


3.0 MB

Consolidated Financial Statements


80 pages


2.0 MB

Further Information


21 pages


1.3 MB

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