Annual Report 2023

8. Other Operating Expenses

Other operating expenses were comprised as shown in the following table:

Other operating expenses













€ million


€ million

Losses on retirements of noncurrent assets





Impairment losses on receivables





Losses from derivatives





Miscellaneous operating expenses










Losses from derivatives in fiscal years 2022 and 2023 resulted from embedded derivatives.

Other operating expenses in fiscal 2023 mainly included insurance expenses of €75 million (previous year: €0 million) in relation to the reimbursement of the insurance amount for production stoppages by the intragroup reinsurance company Covestro International Re., Inc., Colchester, Vermont (United States), to the primary insurer (conversely, see note 7 “Other Operating Income”) and other insurance expenses of €29 million (previous year: €28 million), which are reported in the “Reconciliation” category.

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