Annual Report 2023

Tax Compliance

Principles and Strategy

Covestro takes seriously its responsibility to pay the statutory tax liability in accordance with the rules set by each government as well as to meet all registration, documentation, disclosure, and licensing requirements in all the applicable countries and/or tax jurisdictions. Ensuring that tax payments are made in the appropriate amount is a core element of Covestro’s responsibility to society, because this is a major source of revenue for governments that is used to carry out economic and social policies.

Our tax principles are as follows:

  • Zero tolerance for violations, especially tax fraud/evasion;
  • Tax payments in line with the value created in the relevant countries/territories;
  • Cooperation with tax authorities.

These principles are also published online.

Our principles are at the heart of a tax policy applicable to the entire Group, which was reviewed and approved by the corporate Taxes function and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The tax policy also includes our tax strategy in alignment with our Group strategy and our C3 corporate values. The tax strategy is discussed and amended as necessary in regular exchanges with the CFO.

In addition, we are interested in keeping abreast of ongoing developments in tax law and therefore participate in political discussions in trade association committees. All of our activities rest on compliance with our ethical principles. The aim of our participation in trade associations is fair, transparent, and administratively streamlined evolution of tax law.


Responsibility for implementing and continually improving the appropriate tax processes lies with the corporate Taxes function, which reports to the CFO. Local tax experts in Covestro’s subsidiaries implement tax processes or support this effort. To the extent that third-party professionals are tasked with tax-related responsibilities in certain countries, they agree to adhere to our principles and compliance rules.


Covestro expressly encourages employees to openly discuss any concerns about proper conduct by the company, including regarding taxes, with their supervisors or local tax departments, and to obtain assistance or advice. Our whistleblower tool is also available to employees and third parties.

A standardized process is used to report tax risks worldwide to the corporate Taxes function once a year. Tax risks are monitored on an ongoing basis in cooperation with the subsidiaries and, if necessary, the risk reports are amended. Financial reporting comprises tax risks, which are integrated into the internal control system for the (Group) accounting and financial reporting process and the risk early warning system.

ICS/Internal Control System
Internal control system to ensure compliance with directives by means of technical and organizational rules.

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