Annual Report 2022

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Annual Report 2022

Download the entire Covestro Annual Report as a PDF-file.

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Download all tables of the Covestro Annual Report as a single Excel-file.

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The following PDF files are available

Covestro – Annual Report 2022


338 pages


23.2 MB

Speeding up to circularity – Magazine


7 pages


1.4 MB

Overview/Key Data


8 pages


1.3 MB

Capital market


13 pages


4.4 MB

Combined Management Report


178 pages


12.9 MB

Covestro Group at a Glance


91 pages


10.9 MB

Report on Economic Position


25 pages


862 kB

Report on Future Perspectives and on Opportunities and Risks


14 pages


912 kB

Corporate Governance


22 pages


420 kB

Disclosures on Sustainability Reporting


23 pages


411 kB

Compensation Report


23 pages


2.2 MB

Consolidated Financial Statements


85 pages


1.2 MB

Further Information


21 pages


505 kB

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