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Group sales in the reporting year dropped by 15.1% to €12,412 million (previous year: €14,616 million).

There was a 2.6% decrease in the cost of goods sold to €9,658 million (previous year: €9,918 million) on account of lower raw material prices. The ratio of the cost of goods sold to sales increased to 77.8% (previous year: 67.9%).

Selling expenses were down by 2.0% to €1,380 million (previous year: €1,408 million), yielding a ratio of selling expenses to sales of 11.1% (previous year: 9.6%). Research and development (R&D) expenses of €266 million decreased by 3.6% (previous year: €276 million). As a share of sales, this produced an R&D ratio of 2.1% (previous year: 1.9%). The funds were used mainly for developing new application solutions for our products and improving products and process technologies. The R&D projects are aligned to sustainability aspects.

General administration expenses saw a decrease of 24.2% to €372 million (previous year: €491 million).

A decline in provisions for short-term variable compensation had a positive effect on all functional costs.

Other operating income exceeded other operating expenses by €116 million (previous year: €57 million). This included items such as a gain from the sale of the European systems house business in the fourth quarter of 2019 amounting to €34 million, insurance reimbursements of €63 million, and a gain of €19 million from the remeasurement of shares of Japan-based DIC Covestro Polymer Ltd. previously accounted for under the equity method.

In the reporting period, amounted to €852 million, down 67.0% (previous year: €2,580 million). As a result, the EBIT margin decreased to 6.9% (previous year: 17.7%).

In fiscal 2019, the financial result was €–91 million (previous year: €–104 million). The key component of the financial result is the net interest expense totaling €–45 million (previous year: €–47 million). A negative effect from the application of  16 in the amount of €21 million is included in net interest expense. Conversely, lower hedging costs had a positive effect on net interest expense. Including the financial result, income before income taxes declined 69.3% to €761 million (previous year: €2,476 million). Due to earnings, the income tax expense dropped by 68.5% to €204 million (previous year: €647 million). After taxes and noncontrolling interests, was down 69.7% and amounted to €552 million (previous year: €1,823 million).

EBIT/earnings before interest and taxes
Income after income taxes plus financial result and income tax expense
IFRSs/International Financial Reporting Standards
International accounting standards as endorsed by the European Union
Net income
Income after income taxes that is attributable to the stockholders