10.Related Parties

Related entities as defined in IAS 24 (Related Party Disclosures) are those legal entities that are able to exert at least significant influence on Covestro AG and its subsidiaries or over which Covestro AG or its subsidiaries exercise control or have at least a significant influence, or which are controlled by a related person or a close family member of such a person. They include nonconsolidated subsidiaries, joint ventures, associated companies, and other related companies and persons.

In the course of its operating business, Covestro sources materials, supplies and services from a large number of business partners worldwide, including companies in which it has a direct or indirect interest. Transactions with these companies are undertaken on an arm’s length basis. The goods and services received from associated companies result from ongoing operating business with PO JV, LP, Houston, Texas (USA) and amounted to €463 million in the first half of 2022 (previous year: €362 million). Covestro benefits from fixed long-term supply quotas/volumes of propylene oxide (PO) from this company’s production.

There are no further reportable business relationships with other related parties.